My story

Pharmacist who has always been passionate about gardening.

Having graduated from the University of Milan in October 2004, I soon decided to undertake a satisfying career as a preparatory pharmacist within the family pharmacy in Cuveglio. In our well-equipped laboratory we produce capsules, liquids and creams based on natural ingredients for all the main healing needs.

In autumn 2016 I moved to a new home in Cuveglio with my family; here the large land around the villa where we live allows me to design several flowerbeds and a real tropical greenhouse.

I'm starting to become passionate about officinal medicinal plants: essentially all the plants I use in my phytotherapeutic preparations I would like to grow in my personal garden. Therefore, starting from easy-to-grow essences, such as sage, rosemary, mint, I search for rarer botanical species such as ginkgo biloba, an ancient tree that can easily be grown outside in my climate. I then began to research rarer essences such as guarana, neem, ylang ylang and began to grow them in my tropical greenhouse. The moment of the fermented papaya boom arrived and from there my passion for tropical fruit plants began and soon my collection began to be enriched with plants that were not necessarily curative, but which produced fruits that are not always known in our latitudes. From the most common mango, avocado, lichi I go to research and collect little-known seeds and plants, including numerous varieties of eugenia, syzygium, annona, pouteria, musa and every more or less known tropical fruit becomes a cultivation and reproduction challenge.

At the same time, in fact, the challenge of acclimatizing some species of plants outside in my climate also arises: in fact, I dedicate myself with passion and success to growing numerous varieties of ornamental and fruit-bearing citrus and banana trees outside.

In my travels, then, I also begin to discover plumerias (or frangipani), flowers with an incredible scent and the most colorful colors and I never abandon the project of one day seeing the Tiare flower (Gardenia tahitiensis), the admired symbolic tree of Polynesia. live on my 2010 honeymoon.

So, the initial aim of collecting botanical essences that I use in my phytotherapeutic preparations gradually transforms into a very ambitious project, which leads me to search around the world for seeds and plants belonging to different types of species.

In the meantime, I have started to make my Tropical Oasis known through some extraordinary openings during the summer and by participating in some exhibitions in the horticultural sector, where I sell some plants that I produce in excess.

I am enriching my garden with some species of palm trees, which I consider, together with bananas, to be the plants that can best make a garden "tropical" and I am also starting to get to know the world of heliconias and variegated plants.

In 2021 and 2022 I bought some small lands in the small municipality of Duno, where, at a height of around 450m, in better climatic conditions than those at home, I am testing cultivation in open ground, without heating sources, of some subtropical fruit plants (especially avocados) and citrus fruits.

At the same time, inside my garden and greenhouse, together with my children Alessandro and Aurora, we began to host some small animals: stick and leaf insects, turtles, geckos and the enchanting butterfly greenhouse contribute to making our oasis always richer in emotions!!!

and the dream and the challenge continue. . . .